Several South Carolina state senators on March 29 prevented a transportation funding bill from being scheduled for debate. The legislation fell five votes shy (23-18) of the required two-thirds supermajority vote needed for priority status. The bill, which would increase motor fuel taxes and transportation-related fees, was approved by the House 97-18 on March 1. Read More>>

 Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) urged lawmakers to approve a transportation budget by March 31 in order to prevent the state from losing federal matching funds for existing transportation projects. Legislators failed to approve the budget, which would have included $300 million in transportation bonds, by the end of the 2016 legislative session. Read More>>

 The Missouri House Transportation Committee does not believe a major transportation funding bill will be able to pass this year. Instead, House Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Reiboldt (R- Neosho) anticipates a transportation funding task force will be created this spring, and a  comprehensive proposal will be introduced in the legislature in January 2018. Read More>>

 Additionally, a Missouri budget committee approved a bill 32-0 on March 28 that would prevent the state from using money from any account for toll-related purposes. Read More>>

 As Louisiana lawmakers explore options to increase transportation funding, the state Americans for Prosperity chapter has released an online ad that accuses the state department of transportation and politicians of diverting revenue intended for transportation projects.  Shawn Wilson, secretary for the Department of Transportation and Development, said the ad makes false claims and is meant to erode public confidence in the agency. Read More>>

 Additionally, an annual poll by Louisiana State University found that voters were more likely to support raising the state gas tax for better roads and bridges than they were to support any other revenue-raising measure for other services. Read More>>

 Amidst discussions on how to close Wisconsin’s transportation funding shortfall and balance the budget, Gov. Scott Walker (R) on March 29 tweeted his resolution to veto any legislation that includes a  gas tax increase. Sen. Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) warned that the agency is “spiraling down into a hole where it will cost us so much to get our roads into shape, that we’ll never get it done.” Read More>>

 The Texas Transportation Commission is proposing to spend $8.9 billion on 230 projects. Read More>>