While Minnesota ranks eighth highest on highway spending per capita and 18th highest on its share of statewide highway spending in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), when costs are adjusted to factor in unique challenges to the state—such as harsh winter weather and population size— it drops to 37th  highest on its share of highway spending per capita and 41st on its share of highway spending in GDP, according to an analysis released by the University of Minnesota’s Transportation Policy and Economic Competitiveness Program. Read More>>

 Wisconsin Republican leaders disagree on the necessity of a long-term transportation funding solution this legislative session. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R- District 63) has pushed for a reliable source of new revenue, while Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R- District 13) has argued that shifting general fund revenue to the transportation fund would provide lawmakers more “breathing room” to find a permanent solution. Read More>>

 New Jersey Sen. Steven Oroho (R- Sussex) has proposed legislation to utilize $400 million from the state’s transportation fund for immediate construction work on the state’s roads and bridges. The plan has drawn criticism for excluding New Jersey Transit. Read More>>

Connecticut House Democratic leaders on March 8 recognized that the state’s transportation fund shortfall needs to be addressed this legislative session. Read More>>