Since the passage of “Rhodeworks,” a plan approved by the state legislature in 2016 to fund bridge repairs with a toll on heavy commercial trucks, Rhode Island has issued $60 million more construction contracts than in the prior year and added 800 construction jobs. Forty-eight projects received notices to proceed, including repairs for 30 bridges. Read more about the accomplishments Rhode Island has achieved under Rhodeworks, and the plan moving forward.

 Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) on Feb. 29 announced the “Road Maintenance and Preservation” (Road MaP) Program to invest an additional $2.1 billion for highways and bridge repairs over a 10 year period beginning in Fiscal Year 2018 – 2019. The program will be funded from the state’s Motor Vehicle Fund, in which the state variable-rate gas tax, license fees, and vehicle registration fees are deposited. In 2016, the Pennsylvania legislature passed Act 85, gradually freezing allocations to the state highway patrol from the fund. The increased transportation funding was made possible by the full transition to a variable-rate gas tax (completed Jan. 1, 2017) removal of state police allocations, and innovation and efficiency efforts by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Read More>>