Facing a state budget shortfall, Texas lawmakers are considering diverting revenue from the general sales tax intended for transportation construction as part of an upcoming budget. The funding stream had been overwhelmingly approved by voters in November 2015. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) told the audience at the Texas Transportation Forum (Feb. 5 – 7) that the transportation fund would be safeguarded from such steps. Read More>>

Due to recent storms, the roads in El Dorado County, California have developed potholes, mudslides and sinkholes, requiring some roads to be shut. District 2 County Supervisor Shiva Frentzen explained that the county did not have the funds in their budget to make repairs. Read More>>

The Tennessee Department of Transportation released an interactive map that shows nearly 1,000 unfunded projects across the state that total $10.5 billion. Read More>>

A quarter of New Mexico roads are in bad condition, but the state only has about half of the funding required to make needed improvements, according to a recent report released by TRIP. State Transportation Secretary Tom Smith called the report “alarming.”  Read More>>

The Nevada Department of Transportation is facing a $450 million backlog of road and bridge repairs, with $10 million needed for heavily traveled roads. Read More>>