Three state transportation funding advocates came together on Feb. 7 to share their experiences campaigning for—and successfully passing—a state transportation fund lockbox. These lockboxes, designed to constitutionally ensure that revenue generated by motor fuel taxes are not used for non-transportation related purposes, were approved by both state legislatures and voters. During the hour-long webinar the advocates tracked their campaigns’ progress from start to finish, including best practices, messaging and political strategies, campaign materials, challenges, and lessons learned. Webinar participants were empowered with new tools to help create transportation fund lockboxes in their own states.

The session featured:

Michael Sturino, president and CEO of the Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association (IRTBA). Sturino shared his experience working with lawmakers in developing lockbox legislation and the ballot measure campaign that won 79 percent of voter approval on Nov. 8, 2016.

James Russ, president of the Maryland Transportation Builders and Materials Association (MTBMA). Russ explored Maryland’s 2014 measure to protect the state’s transportation fund from diversions to non-transportation programs, which was overwhelmingly approved by 82 percent of voters.

Anthony Attanasio, executive director of the Utility and Transportation Contractors Association of New Jersey (UTCA of NJ). Attanasio discussed the development of the state’s transportation fund lockbox legislation, the campaign that ensured the lockbox measure was successfully approved by lawmakers and voters, and how the measure tied in with the October 2016 state motor fuel tax increase.

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TIAC makes all past webinar recordings available for free on the website Previous webinar topics cover transportation ballot and election results, the role of governors and coalitions in passing a transportation funding increase, combatting anti-tax rhetoric, and how states have increased funding outside of the gas tax.