Governors & Lawmakers

In her Jan. 9 inaugural address, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) stated her intent to pass a transportation funding package to invest in highways and mass transit. Read More>>

 In his annual state budget plan released Jan. 10, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) unveiled a proposal to increase transportation revenue by $4.3 billion annually over the next decade for road repairs and transit. Gov. Brown’s plan would increase motor fuel taxes, create a $65 annual vehicle fee, and provide a $500 million one-time infusion of revenue from state auctions of greenhouse gas pollution credits. Read More>>

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter (R) warned reporters on Jan. 6 that the state’s 2015 gas tax increase will only address approximately a third of the it’s transportation funding shortfall, and additional revenue is needed for the state to catch up on the backlog of transportation projects. Read More>>

Colorado Democratic House speaker Crisanta? Duran (D- District 5) announced Jan. 11 that state lawmakers are hoping to place a transportation funding measure on the November 2017 ballot. Read More>>


Polls and Reports

An annual increase of $700 million is necessary to adequately address Louisiana’s transportation funding challenges, according to a governor-appointed task force’s final recommendations released Jan. 1. Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) will consult the funding options, including increasing the state gas tax and transportation-related fees, when he develops his transportation funding plan. Read More>>

A new poll by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce found that 49 percent of state respondents favored a gas tax increase to fund transportation projects, while 48 percent were opposed to the idea. Read More>>