As Tennessee lawmakers prepare for discussions on increasing the state gas tax, a Dec. 1 Vanderbilt University poll has found that 67 percent of respondents would support such a hike to fund improvements to roads and bridges and ensure economic growth and public safety. Read More>>

A Kansas coalition seeking a balanced state budget on Dec. 7 proposed increasing the state gas tax by 11 cents-per-gallon in order to fund highway projects and prevent the need for General Fund appropriations. Read More>>

Unlike neighboring states struggling with transportation funding shortfalls, Nebraska is on pace to meet $16.6 billion in capital improvement needs over the next 20 years, due in large part to a 2015 state gas tax increase and 2016 legislation to set aside a portion of the state sales tax for transportation funding. Read More>>

Northern Colorado business leaders and elected officials are organizing a campaign to increase revenue for Interstate 25 construction projects. Read More>>