While Colorado state lawmakers agree that increasing transportation funding is a priority in 2017, Democrats and Republicans have conflicting views on how to accomplish it.

Colorado Senate president-elect Kevin Grantham (R- Canon City) on Nov. 10 voiced opposition against a proposal to reclassify hospital provider fees into an enterprise fund. The plan, endorsed by Gov. John Hickenlooper’s (D) administration, would free up general fund revenue to transfer an estimated $200 million to the state’s transportation fund. Hickenlooper and his fellow Democrats have been adamant that any proposal will require new revenue, and on Oct. 14 struck down prefiled Republican legislation to borrow $3.5 billion for transportation funding. Read More>>

Beginning December 2016, the Colorado Department of Transportation will launch a four-month road usage charge (RUC) pilot program to evaluate the potential for a permanent RUC system within the state. To track the number of miles driven, 100 volunteers will have the choice of either a self-reported odometer reading, a non-GPS mileage plug-in reporting device, or a GPS-enabled mileage plug-in reporting device, with a simulated per-mile charge of 1.2 cents. Participants will receive simulated invoices that include information on the number of miles driven, the total chargeable miles, and gas tax paid/refunded. The pilot is projected to conclude in April 2017, with an analysis presented to the Colorado state legislature and governor in a report scheduled for July 2017. Read More>>