With Tyler Kane, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

Unable to secure enough votes for an emergency voting session earlier in the week, New Jersey legislators will take up legislation to increase the state gas tax by 23 cents-per-gallon on Oct. 7. Read More>>

The Missouri Department of Transportation recently released an additional $72 million in funding for transportation projects by reallocating revenue from past projects that were not completed, under budget, or had found other revenue sources. Read More>>

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission on Oct. 3 announced plans to continue repairing or replacing all 321 structurally deficient state bridges by the end of the decade, despite financial setbacks due to the state’s general budget shortfall. Read More>>

Tennessee Transportation Commissioner John Schroer Oct. 5 told local and state leaders about the need to increase the state gas tax. Schroer anticipates legislation will be introduced to raise state motor fuel taxes for transportation funding during the 2017 legislative session. Read More>>

More than 60 percent of nearly 700 residents and business owners surveyed in Minnesota’s U.S. Highway 41 corridor support a gas tax increase to expand the road into four lanes.  Read More>>

Officials from 14 of 24 states surveyed say that inadequate funding is a challenge to maintaining, repairing or rehabilitating aging bridges, according to a Government Accountability Office report. Read More>>