With Tyler Kane, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Commissioner John Schroer delivered a public presentation on Sept. 27 about why the state needs to increase transportation funding and what neighboring states have been doing to invest in their roads and bridges. The presentation was one of several that TDOT has planned in order to achieve support from community leaders throughout the state. Read More>>

Wisconsin’s Transportation Development Association held a “Turnout for Transportation” event on Sept. 29 to provide a town hall forum for individuals to voice their concerns about the state’s infrastructure funding. This meeting sought to broaden the conversation on Wisconsin’s road funding, including discussions on a plan submitted by Gov. Scott Walker (R ) that includes $447.4 million in cuts and several delays to high profile construction projects. Read More>>

The Southern California Partnership for Jobs recently launched the Rebuild SoCal Project, an educational resource giving individuals materials to understand the necessity of infrastructure reform in their region. It also provides the public with information about local ballot measures that will increase the quality of infrastructure in their area. Read More>>

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) announced on Sept. 27 that discussions for funding the Transportation Trust Fund are making progress. Read More>>

Maine’s Portland Press Herald released a poll on Sept. 27 that said 66 percent of likely voters will vote yes on the statewide ballot measure Question 6. This measure will issue 10-year, $100 million bonds to improve roads, bridges, ports, and recreational trails, as well as match $137 million in federal and other funds. Read More>>

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R ) announced plans on Sept. 23 to initiate $300 million in new transportation projects under the Build Nebraska Act and the Transportation Innovation Act. Read More>>