U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper (D- Tenn.) stated Aug. 19 that Tennessee is at risk of losing approximately $60 million in federal highway funding due to a newly enacted state law that raised the allowable limit of blood-alcohol content (BAC) for 18- to 20-year-olds to 0.08. Federal law states that the maximum level of blood-alcohol content permissible in that age range is 0.02. Tennessee is already facing an $8 billion transportation funding shortfall over the next 10 years. Read More>>

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) told listeners of WVOM Radio on Aug. 23 that he is considering increasing sales taxes or excise taxes on electric and hybrid vehicles in order to ensure they contribute their fair share towards maintaining the state’s roads and bridges. The governor pointed out that because these vehicles purchase less fuel, they contribute less to the state’s main source of transportation funding—the state gas tax of 30 cents-per-gallon.  Read More>>

Two New Jersey counties submitted notices that they may sue the state over the current transportation construction freeze. Union and Hudson counties both say the shutdown of non-essential, state-funded work will significantly increase the cost of projects and have negative repercussions on county residents. John Donnadio, executive director of the New Jersey Association of Counties, expects more counties to follow suit the longer the transportation funding crisis continues. Read More>>

The California Transportation Commission approved $814 million in funding for 135 transportation infrastructure projects. Of the revenue, $732.7 million will come from the State Highway Operations and Protection Program to fund 72 “fix-it-first” projects. California recently cut or delayed $1.5 billion worth of highway, bridge and transit projects due to lower-than-expected revenue. Read More>>

The Oregon Transportation Commission approved spending almost $50 million from the state’s “Connect Oregon” program on 39 projects to improve access to transportation infrastructure. Read More>>

Facing over $10 million in repair costs, the Federal Highway Administration authorized $2 million in emergency relief funds to assist Louisiana with road and highway repairs after recent flooding. Read More>>