By Tyler Kane, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) signed an infrastructure bill that authorized $50 million for the state’s Small Bridge Program, as well as authorization for $750 million in Federal Highway aid, with $135 million being provided by the state. However, he issued a line item veto on a portion of the bill that would request funding for a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) pilot program. Read More>>

An Illinois coalition called Citizens to Protect Transportation Funding recently launched their campaign to support the state’s “Safe Roads Amendment”. This amendment, which will appear on Illinois’ Nov. 8 ballot, would implement a “lockbox” to ensure that any revenue derived from transportation-related taxes and fees cannot be diverted to anything unrelated to transportation. Read More>>

South Carolina Department of Transportation Commission chairman Mike Wooten on Aug. 17 stated that the agency needs dedicated, long-term funding in order to plan projects. Wooten suggested a state gas tax increase of up to 20 cents-per-gallon over four years. South Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Christie Hall plans to appeal to lawmakers for a more reliable funding stream when they are back in session in January 2017. Read More>>

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