By Tyler Kane, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

A new report published by the Minnesota Department of Transportation claims that the state’s highway congestion has risen by 2.3 percent to 23.4 percent. With the state’s recent struggle to provide new revenue for transportation, such increases could prove costly for roads. Read More>>

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) opposed a Senate amendment to a road funding bill that directs the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to apply for a USDOT grant to research and create a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) pilot program. This program, which would be populated entirely by volunteers, is very similar to a variety of programs that have gained traction in states like Oregon and California. Read More>>

Oklahoma Department of Transportation Director Mike Patterson expressed the need for his state to explore new methods to diversify and increase transportation revenue. Oklahoma, with one of the nation’s lowest gas taxes ranking 46th in the nation at 16 cents-per-gallon, needs new revenue for infrastructure due to the fixed tax losing its purchasing power to inflation. Read More>>

The United States Department of Transportation announced July 29 the recipients of their annual TIGER Grant Program, a competitive program that has awarded over $5.9 billion in project investment for states and municipalities since 2009.  The projects cover a diverse range of multimodal transportation methods and areas, including $25 million to upgrade Chicago’s “L” service, $15 million to upgrade Los Angeles’s freight efficiency with grade separation projects, and $10 million to repair safety features on a bridge system in Mississippi. Click here to see a full list of projects receiving TIGER grants.

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