With Tyler Kane, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

Wisconsin’s transportation fund is facing a $939 million funding shortfall for the 2017-2019 budget, according to a recent analysis released by the state’s Legislative Fiscal Bureau. Gov. Scott Walker (R) has repeatedly stated his opposition to increasing the state gas tax or transportation-related fees, instead utilizing bonds in previous budgets in order to fund the department. Stagnant funding has delayed state and local road projects. Read More>>

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) has declared the July 22 proposal from democratic lawmakers to fund the state’s nearly-bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund “dead on arrival.” The most recent plan included five tax breaks; however it left out a reduction in the state’s sales tax, and Christie determined the final tax breaks were inadequate to balance out the gas tax increase. (Visit TIAC’s ‘New Jersey’ page to view past proposals and learn more about the state’s transportation funding crisis.) Read More>>

Following the first meeting of a task force that will evaluate how Indiana funds its transportation infrastructure, state Rep. Ed Soliday (R – Valparaiso) declared a revenue increase is necessary in order to generate long-term funding for the state’s roads and bridges. Read More>>

Louisiana House Transportation chairman Kenny Havard (R-District 62) predicted a gas tax increase will be discussed when the State Legislature reconvenes. Louisiana’s 20 cent-per-gallon gas tax ranks 36th in the nation, and a gas tax increase could be instrumental in reducing the state’s $12 billion transportation project backlog. Read More>>

South Carolina Department of Transportation Chairman Mike Wooten claimed the work funded by the state’s most recent $1.4 billion transportation bond bill, which will be stretched out over the next 10 years, won’t be noticed by the state’s drivers. He stated that even though the bill was a good first step, the revenue created in the legislation is only sufficient to maintain roads in their current condition. Read More>>