with Tyler Kane, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

California officially launched its Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Tax pilot program on July 1 with 5,000 volunteers. This program will use simulated payments amongst a socioeconomically and geographically diverse test group to identify the best method for tracking vehicular travel. This will help determine how much California drivers would pay if VMT taxation permanently replaced the state gas tax. Read More>>

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) announced that hundreds of state transportation projects will be suspended on July 8 to conserve money in the depleted Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). These shutdowns came after the state legislature could not come to an agreement over funding New Jersey’s infrastructure due to controversy surrounding increasing the gas tax. If new revenue is not passed, hundreds of projects will be suspended for at least a week, though critical safety projects and projects funded independently from the TTF will not be affected. Read More>>

In the DC area on July 13? Don’t miss the 3rd Annual “National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates” at the Washington Court Hotel! Learn how to build a successful transportation funding campaign from transportation advocates and legislators! Read More>>