by Tyler Kane

Following failure to pass legislation that would have raised the state’s gas tax, Missouri lawmakers approved a $20 million allocation of General Fund revenue for a cost-sharing program that will partner the state government with local governments to expedite the completion of local transportation construction projects. The program has no guarantees of renewal for the next fiscal year, which could jeopardize long-term plans to fix Missouri’s infrastructure. The state currently ranks 4th highest in the number of structurally deficient bridges. Read More>>

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary Greg Thomas outlined his “Pause-50” program June 7, which calls for a yearlong delay in funding state projects to recoup the ailing Kentucky Road Fund’s balance. The plan aims to allow the state to allocate $50 million in funding to road projects in its second year. It comes after the state’s gas tax dropped 6.5 cents per gallon to its statutory floor (or lowest amount the variable rate gas tax can be calculated on) of 26 cents per gallon. The decline is expected to bring in $152 million less in revenues this fiscal year. Read More>>

Following a stall in California’s transportation special session, the Fix Our Roads Coalition sent letters to Assembly members urging them to pass transportation reform. Last month, the coalition, comprised of transportation industry experts, labor leaders, elected officials and business owners, released a bipartisan plan combining gas and diesel tax increases to generate over $3.1 billion, as well as a road access fee that would generate about $2 billion annually. Read More>>

Illinois is currently facing a July 1 deadline to pass a state budget measure guaranteeing $1.8 billion in state and federal funding that is necessary to both fund transportation projects statewide and employ approximately 25,000 people. In addition to the losses, Illinois is projected to enter a 10 year, $43 billion transportation funding shortfall unless the state legislature passes a long-term transportation funding solution. Read More>>

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