and Tyler Kane, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

A recent survey published May 12 by Vanderbilt University shows that approximately half of Tennessee voters would support a gas tax increase between 8 and 16 cents-per-gallon if the tax revenue was spent on both roads and bridges. Such an increase would be instrumental to the Tennessee Department of Transportation and Gov. Bill Haslam’s (R) plan to invest $2 billion over the next three years into over 80 infrastructure projects throughout the state. Read more

A study conducted by the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University concluded that New Jersey’s roadways and bridges cost an average of $183,575 per lane mile to plan, construct, operate and maintain. With the addition of interest payments on bonds, the total cost goes up to $212,927 per lane mile. The average cost for the entire state per year is around $1.5 billion. New Jersey lawmakers are currently discussing plans to increase transportation funding, and voters will decide on a transportation fund ‘lockbox’ amendment this November. Read more