A Missouri bill allowing voters to consider a state gas tax increase in the Nov. 8 General Election is facing a May 13 legislative deadline. The measure is before the Select Committee on State and Local Governments, following May 4 approval by the House Transportation Committee. The state Senate passed the measure in April. Read More.

As the gubernatorial race in Montana heats up, infrastructure has taken center stage in recent debates. Read More.

Legislative Changes This Week:

  • Illinois lawmakers gave approval May 5 for a Nov. 8 ballot measure that will create a ‘lockbox’ to prevent diversions of transportation-related fees (such as motor fuel taxes, tolls, and certain DMV fees) to non-transportation purposes. Read More.
  • Minnesota Senate Democrats May 2 proposed to utilize $1.5 billion in bonds to fund infrastructure projects across the state, with the largest share of the revenue dedicated to transportation construction and maintenance. Read More.
  • Colorado senators gave preliminary approval on May 5 to a proposed Nov. 8 ballot measure that would renew and increase transportation funding bond to generate $3.5 billion for projects over the next 20 years, with costs for bond repayment paid from the state’s General Fund. Once approved by the Senate the bill will go to the House for consideration. Read More.
  • A Connecticut bill to protect transportation funds from diversion has died. Read More.
  • A proposal to raise Alabama’s state gas tax by 6 cents-per-gallon was indefinitely postponed April 29 and considered dead when the legislature adjourned May 4. Read More.