In two consecutive years, Texas voters overwhelmingly approved two ballot measures to direct revenue to the State Highway Fund for the purpose of maintaining and constructing public roadways and repaying General Obligation bonds used for highway improvements. An in-depth case study by the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ explores why the state increased transportation funding, how they did it, the history of transportation funding in Texas, and what other advocates can learn from the campaign.

“The quality of TIAC’s Texas case study is beyond comparison, I lived the actual campaigns they covered in the study and I felt like they knew the nuances and details of the new laws better than I do myself. I also want to thank the Transportation Investment Advocacy Council for all their help during last year’s Proposition 7 campaign, their resources helped educate thousands of Texans and are a big reason that Prop 7 passed by over 80 percent statewide.” (Jack Ladd, President of Move Texas Forward, a nonpartisan organization that educates and informs Texans about the importance of funding transportation infrastructure)

Read the Texas 2014 and 2015 Transportation Funding Measures case study.

The TIAC staff researches and prepares detailed case studies of recent successful—and unsuccessful—state and local legislative and ballot initiative campaigns aimed at increasing transportation infrastructure investment. For each case, the studies dig into the politics, issues, media and major players involved in the effort. To view other case studies, visit the ‘Campaign Case Studies’ tab on the TIAC website.

TIAC attempts to track all ongoing state and local transportation funding and financing developments in real time and reports on them frequently through our Blog. If you would like to contribute information to this effort, please contact the TIAC staff.