Preliminary election results show that voters approved $7 million in transportation funding on local ballots in two states March 8. Two additional ballots failed to pass voter consideration.

In Michigan, three townships voted on transportation funding increases. Ballot measures to renew and increase property taxes passed in Summerfield Township in order to fund local road construction and maintenance for four years. Grand Haven Township voters also approved a measure to renew an existing 0.95 mill levy in order to fund transit and road construction. A measure in Bedford Township to increase property taxes for transit funding failed to pass.

In New Hampshire, Salem voters gave approval for the city to appropriate funds for the Roadway Capital Reserve Fund in order to pay for a 10-year road construction plan.

A measure in Bend, Oregon to institute a 5 cents-per-gallon increase for local road construction failed to gain enough support despite a comprehensive campaign to win public favor. The movement received sizable resistance from an opposing campaign, comprised largely of fuel companies who were able to raise more than double the financial support. Opponents argued that the city should first reprioritize its existing funding before increasing revenue. If it had been approved, the measure would have raised $2.5 million annually.

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