State Legislative Activity

The South Carolina Senate introduced a deal to increase transportation funding by $400 million, transferred annually from the state’s General Fund. The Senate will debate the bill on March 8. Read More.

After passing competing bills, Indiana lawmakers entered conference committee in an attempt to find a compromise before the legislature adjourns on March 14. Read More.

The Minnesota legislature convenes March 7 for the start of their regular session. With approximately two months ahead of them, several lawmakers wonder if it’s possible to pass comprehensive transportation funding legislation this year. Read More.

During testimony on Feb. 29, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy’s (D) general counsel assured state legislators that the proposed transportation fund lockbox language is airtight. Read More.


State Transportation Revenue

Iowa street and road projects are being accelerated thanks to new revenue being generated from last year’s 10 cents-per-gallon motor fuel tax increase. Read More.

The Nevada Department of Transportation’s sale of $292.6 million in Highway Revenue Improvement and Refunding Bonds will save taxpayers almost 10 percent, or more than $14 million, the agency announced Feb. 19. Read More.



The Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin, led by Transportation Investment Advocates Council Co-Chair Craig Thompson, announced on March 2 the kick-off of a campaign to build grassroots support for a state solution to create “responsible, sustainable transportation funding”. Read More.