After falling gas prices drastically decreased local transportation revenue, Virginia local governments and agencies are proposing a ‘floor’ for the state’s regional gas tax. The state’s motor fuel tax already has a floor in place that has prevented gas tax revenue from dramatically declining if the average wholesale price of gasoline drops below $3.11. More

South Carolina Sen. Tom Davis (R-Beaufort), who filibustered an attempt to pass a state gas tax increase in 2015, said Jan. 12 he would not block a bill this year. The lawmaker said the legislature is more willing to compromise in order to pass a transportation revenue increase this session, though several factors—including an election year and a budget surplus—may present obstacles. More

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) on Jan. 12 unveiled a $10 billion list of transportation projects that are the result of increased revenue approved by the legislature in House Bill 170 (2015). According to the Georgia Department of Transportation website that tracks investment from HB 170, the 10-year plan doubles bridge funding and routine maintenance and quadruples roadway resurfacing funding. More

After a statewide campaign for increased transportation funding in 2015, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam ( R) stated on Jan. 14 that he would not be pursuing a motor fuel tax increase during the 2016 legislative session, but said that raising the state gas tax would likely be considered in the future. More

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