The Iowa state legislature’s unsuccessful campaign failed to advance a transportation funding amendment, which was ultimately withdrawn from consideration in 2013.  The motor fuel tax increase was added as an amendment to House File 640, which initially dealt with continuing to fund tax breaks for ethanol blended fuels. The amendment proposed increasing the gasoline tax by ten cents-per-gallon over a three-year period.  During the first two years, the bill proposed a three-cents-per-gallon increase each year, and the following year would have included a four-cents-per-gallon increase. This tax increase would have generated $215 million per year, and the new revenues would have been designated for road and bridge improvement projects. Although the House File bill was signed into law by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R) on June 17, 2013, the amendment regarding the motor fuel tax increase never received a vote because it was withdrawn on May 22, 2013.