Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) and State House Speaker Kevin Cotter (R- Mt. Pleasant) announced Oct. 13 that negotiations within the legislature to reach a road funding deal had ended in impasse. More

Georgia saw an 8.7 percent increase in transportation revenue in September as a result of the transportation funding bill passed earlier this year. More

A broad-topic survey of Florida voters released Oct. 13 found support for improving the state’s infrastructure had grown six percent in the past year, despite the fact that a majority of respondents remain financially-stressed in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Susan MacManus, public affairs professor at the University of South Florida and director of the survey, stated, “Along with population growth comes more congestion and longer commutes — which is at least a partial explanation for growing support for infrastructure improvements.” More

The Nebraska Department of Roads announced Oct. 16 a new task force to study how different approaches to transportation issues can benefit the state economy. More

Read our summary of Indiana Gov. Mike Spence’s $1 billion transportation funding proposal. More

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar on Oct. 13 lowered his state transportation funding revenue forecast due to lower-than-projected oil and natural gas prices. A Nov. 2014 measure approved by Texas voters redirects a portion of revenue generated by oil and gas prices from the state’s general Rainy Day Fund to support transportation improvements. An additional ballot measure— which could constitutionally dedicate $2.5 billion from the state general sales tax to the state’s transportation fund starting in 2018 and ending in 2033, as well as commit 35 percent of motor vehicle sales tax revenue over $5 billion a year starting in 2020 and expiring in 2030— will go before voters this November. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick stated, “Texas voters will have an opportunity to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future by voting on Nov. 3.”  More

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