Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter (R-Mt. Pleasant) indicated he may be open to considering a plan to provide $800 million per year in new revenue for transportation funding. More

Utahns for Responsible Transportation Investments began a creative campaign utilizing Salt Lake City’s potholes to educate voters on the state’s upcoming Proposition 1, a ballot measure appearing in 17 of 29 counties within the state on Nov. 3. The measure, which would increase the participating counties’ sales tax by 0.25 percent if approved, was included in passage of Utah’s House Bill 362. More

Craig Thompson, director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin, summarized the danger the state faces if it does not increase transportation funding: “Anyone who thinks we are saving taxpayer money by ignoring, deferring and delaying is sadly mistaken.” More

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Thanks to the April 21 gas tax increase, the Idaho Department of Transportation is on track to finish eight of the state’s highest-need transportation projects. More

With New Jersey Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox stepping down from office, and both political parties at odds over how to solve the state’s dire transportation funding shortfall, the likelihood of a state gas tax increase in 2015 is becoming slimmer. More

The American Society of Civil Engineers on Sept. 29 gave New York’s infrastructure a C-.  Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam) stated, “It will improve safety for our public, prevent costly repairs down the road and it will also help improve our economy. This report really should be a wake-up call to all of New York state.” More

A Rhode Island poll found residents favor a truck toll over a gas tax increase in order to repair the state’s roads and bridges. More

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