sept 2015 leg map
An updated report by the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ shows 18 states have passed legislation to support transportation investment in 2015. Coming up, three states have fall ballot measures pending voter approval, and at least two states are continuing to search for a transportation funding solution before the end of the year.

Nearly 170 state measures were introduced in 2015 to increase or support transportation funding. To-date, 28 of those bills have passed. Some of the approved measures include:

  • Recurring transportation funding in Washington, Nebraska, Georgia, Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, Iowa, North Carolina, and Delaware;
  • Stabilization of variable-rate gas tax formulas in order to prevent loss of revenue in Kentucky, North Carolina and Vermont;
  • One-time transportation funding legislation in Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, New York, Minnesota, Mississippi and New Mexico; and
  • Ballot measures for fall 2016 in Maine, Texas and Louisiana.

Of the bills introduced in 2015, 38 are still pending further action by state legislatures. Many of those bills will not see further review until 2016 due to individual states’ bill carryover procedures. However, leaders in both Michigan and New Jersey— where legislatures meet throughout the year— have indicated they intend to seek a solution for their states’ transportation funding needs before the year is finished.

Read the full report of 2015 transportation funding legislation to-date here.