By Rich Juliano, senior vice president and managing director of contractors and P3 division, ARTBA

Gov. Larry Hogan (R-Maryland) announced June 25 that his administration will proceed with the Purple Line, a 16-mile light rail project connecting Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.  The project, structured as a public private partnership (P3), is now in the late stages of procurement and had been estimated at about $2.3 billion.  Gov. Hogan noted his support was contingent on the two counties’ assuming more of that investment, as well as other cost reductions such as running fewer trains along the line.  He also announced a program of nearly $2 billion in road and bridge improvements across all of Maryland’s 23 counties.

During his transition before taking office, then-Gov.-elect Hogan indicated his intention to review the project, amid reports that cancellation was a possible option.  In December 2014, ARTBA wrote the incoming governor, urging him to consider possible direct cost increases and detrimental effects on future Maryland P3 projects should he choose to delay or cancel the Purple Line