Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy (D) highlighted transportation funding as his primary goal for 2015 and emphasized the important of a transportation lockbox during his “State of the State” address January 8.

While investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure has increased by 65 percent in the last four years, Malloy stated current funding levels are still not enough to solve the state’s transportation problem.  As part of his proposal to solve these challenges, Malloy stressed the necessity for a constitutionally established lockbox to protect the state’s transportation funds from diversions to other purposes.

“And we should include a covenant with bond holders and all people of Connecticut to ensure that money set aside for transportation projects is only used for that purpose. Send me a bill that accomplishes these goals and I will sign it immediately. Until that legislation is passed and signed, I will veto any attempt to levy additional sources of new revenue for transportation,” Malloy stated.

The Governor also emphasized the importance of including multimodal needs and encompassing all regions of the state in transportation planning.  He concluded by announcing his intention to include a plan for long-term transportation funding in the budget that he will present February 18.

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