A recent poll commissioned by libertarian think tank Reason-Rupe found that nearly half of Americans (46 percent) believe the federal government should spend more money on transportation infrastructure. Only 21 percent said the government should spend less, and 30 percent saying spending should remain the same.

The survey concluded that a majority of people in the U.S. (55 percent) believe it is most important to repair and build new highways and roads, while 38 percent believed that repairing and building new transit should be the top priority, and 5 percent feeling that bicycle lanes should take precedence.

While survey respondents supported the idea of increased federal investment, they were not surprisingly split on how to pay for it. Seventy-two percent opposed eliminating the federal gas tax and replacing it with a VMT tax and 85 percent were opposed to raising the federal gas tax. When asked if they would prefer to pay tolls or raise the federal gas tax to maintain and improve existing Interstate highways, 58 percent preferred to pay with tolls and 32 percent were in favor of raising the gas tax.

The poll, which was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associated International surveyed 1,000 adults in the U.S. through live telephone interviews over a five-day period in August with a margin of error + or – 5.2 percent. For more information visit: http://reason.com/poll/2014/08/15/poll-73-percent-of-americans-say-transpo.