Just over half of New Hampshire residents support the 4-cent state gas tax increase that took effect July 1, according to a poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.

The WMUR Granite State Poll released July 22 surveyed 518 randomly selected New Hampshire adults by land line or cell phone over a one-week period. The poll found that:

  • 27% of residents had heard a great deal about the tax, and 33% had heard a fair amount;
  • Most residents who identified as Democrats support the state gas tax increase (71% for, 25% against):
  • Residents who identified as Independents (48% for, 44% against) and Republicans (43% for, 47% against) were more divided on the increase;
  • 52% of total respondents stated that they support the state gas tax increase (25% “strongly” and 27% “somewhat); and
  • 40% did not support the increase (29% “strongly” and 11% “somewhat”), and 7% were neutral.

Governor Maggie Hassan signed legislation in May to increase New Hampshire’s gasoline and diesel fuel taxes by four cents per gallon, the first increase in 23 years. The tax will fund highway improvements for the next two years, and then half the tax will be earmarked to pay off $200 million in debt for Interstate 93 expansions. The tax will expire in 20 years after the debt is paid off.

To read the WMUR Granite State Poll, visit: http://cola.unh.edu/sites/cola.unh.edu/files/research_publications/gsp2014_summer_gastax072214.pdf