South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Senator Vincent Sheheen (D -Kershaw) July 22 announced a plan to increase funding for the maintenance and modernization of the state’s transportation infrastructure.

If elected by South Carolina voters in November, Sheheen intends to create a dedicated revenue stream of up to $500 million annually for the state’s transportation needs. To achieve that sum, Sheheen would gradually build up to committing five percent of the South Carolina General Fund surplus money for roads. He would also authorize the state to utilize bonds for transportation funding, as well as seek alternative revenue resources such as tolls.

Sheheen’s plan includes prioritizing maintenance and repairs on existing roads in a “Fix it First” program, as well as consolidating state agencies in charge of transportation spending to increase accountability.

Incumbent candidate Governor Nikki Haley (R) announced July 1 that her proposal for new road funding will be shared when the state Legislature convenes in January.