The Iowa Transportation Commission approved a $2.7 billion, five-year road construction program on Tuesday. With a major focus of $1.2 billion on highway maintenance and improvements, the program also includes spending on aviation, transit, railroads and rails. In addition, the plan proposes allocating $900 million towards improving the state’s bridges.

The commission was unable to add additional projects due to increasing construction costs and stagnant revenues on the state level.

Officials also warned that the ability to fund these projects could be affected by the reauthorization of MAP-21 and the current Highway Trust Fund (HTF) crisis. Currently all revenues coming in to the HTF will be used to reimburse states for ongoing construction projects. If Congress fails to provide additional revenues, there will be no more funding for any new federal aid projects in FY 2015, which begins October 1. In addition, the current federal highway bill MAP-21 expires September 30.