The Iowa Department of Transportation is calling for $2.7 billion in highway construction and right of way spending as part of its draft 5-year plan presented to the Iowa Transportation Commission on Tuesday.

This includes $1.2 billion for modernization of the state’s existing highway system,  $900 million is for state-owned bridges, and several one-to-two year projects to address safety and condition. The program also includes investments in aviation, transit, rail, and trails.

The DOT plan warns legislators that the ability to fund these projects could be affected by the reauthorization of MAP-21 and the current Highway Trust Fund (HTF) crisis. Currently all revenues coming in to the HTF will be used to reimburse states for ongoing construction projects. If Congress fails to provide additional revenues, there will be no more funding for any new federal aid projects in FY 2015, which begins October 1. In addition, the current federal highway bill MAP-21 expires September 30.

The Iowa Transportation Commission is scheduled to review Iowa DOT’s plan on June 10.