Yesterday, the City and County of San Francisco launched the website “Transportation 2030” to promote a strategic infrastructure investment plan. The website includes a detailed report on three measures that the city is proposing to solve its transportation infrastructure shortfall. The measures are:

  • A $500 million general obligation bond (GO Bond);
  • A local increase to California’s vehicle license fee (VLF) from 0.65% to 2%, the proceeds of which would go to the San Francisco General Fund;
  • A Charter Amendment to establish an annual set-aside for transportation projects from the city’s General Fund.

This program was developed in response to a report issued last fall by the mayor’s transportation task force. This report estimated that the city’s transportation infrastructure needs would cost $10 billion, and called for ballot measures to raise $3 billion.

Along with the website, a series of community meetings for each Board of Supervisors will be held throughout May and June.  If passed by the Board of Supervisors this summer, San Francisco voters will have the chance to vote on these measures on the November ballot. To go into effect, the GO Bond requires a 2/3 majority vote and the VLF and policy statement require a majority general election vote. These measures are expected to raise $1.5 billion over the next 15 years for road, transit and safety improvements.

You can find more information on San Francisco’s Transportation 2030 on their website,