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WYOMING: HOUSE BILL 69 (2013) This successful legislative campaign with the Wyoming state legislature raised the fuel tax rate by ten-cents-per-gallon, which will generate approximately $70 million annually. Case Study – Wyoming – 2013 Save Wyoming...

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Wyoming Ballot Measure Results



Fuel Taxes

Electric Vehicle Fee: One-time decal fee of $50.

Excise Tax:

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG): 24 cents-per-GGE (equal to 5.66 pounds, 126.67 standard cubic feet, or an amount of CNG that has an energy content of 114,100 British Thermal Units).
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG): 24 cents-per-DGE (equal to 6.06 pounds).
  • All other alternative fuels (liquefied petroleum gas, electricity, and renewable diesel) taxed at 24 cents-per-GGE or DGE.
  • One GGE of CNG is equal to 5.66 pounds, and one DGE of LNG is equal to 6.06 pounds. One GGE of electricity is equal to 33.56 kilowatt-hours.

Dealer Fee: Annual fee of $25 for alternative fuel supplier, refiner, distributor, terminal operator, importer or exporter of alternative fuel used in motor vehicles.

Fee/Tax in addition to Gas Excise Tax: License tax (1 cent-per-gallon).

*Federal funding percentages are from an ARTBA analysis of FHWA Highway Statistics data, total ten year average 2004-2013 from tables SF-1 and SF-2. The percent is the ratio of federal aid reimbursements to the state and total state capital outlays and is indicative of the importance of the federal aid program to state capital spending for highways and bridges. Does not include local capital spending. Federal highway reimbursements are primarily used for capital outlays, including construction, right of way and engineering, but are also used for debt service for GARVEE bonds.