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Feb. 5: State News Roundup

While some states move forward on transportation funding legislation, others grapple with transportation revenue shortfalls. State Transportation Funding Legislation Activity Hawaii Gov. David Ige included a plan to increase the state gas tax by 3 cents-per-gallon, as...

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Transportation Funding Ballot Measure Results



Fuel Taxes

Excise Tax:

  • Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG): 12 cents-per-gallon.
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG): 13.3 cents-per-gallon.
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG): 20.6 cents-per-gallon.
  • Special fuel excise tax (any diesel-engine fuel, including biodiesel): 21 cents-per-gallon.
  • Alternative fuel distributor tax: 12 cents-per-gallon


  • Alternative fuel distributor fee: $25
  • Temporary special fuel user permit required if driving through the state (must exit the within 48 hours of entry): $5
  • Annual tax on alternative fuel vehicle users at the time of registration or renewal, based on gross vehicle weight.
    • Up to 6,000 pounds: $60
    • 6,001 pounds to 16,000 pounds: $100
    • 16,0001 pounds to 26,000 pounds: $300
    • 26,001 pounds to 40,000 pounds: $60
    • 40,001 pounds to 54,000 pounds: $1,100

Fee/Tax in addition to Gas Excise Tax: Petroleum loading fee (1.875 cents-per-gallon).

*Federal funding percentages are from an ARTBA analysis of FHWA Highway Statistics data, total ten year average 2004-2013 from tables SF-1 and SF-2. The percent is the ratio of federal aid reimbursements to the state and total state capital outlays and is indicative of the importance of the federal aid program to state capital spending for highways and bridges. Does not include local capital spending. Federal highway reimbursements are primarily used for capital outlays, including construction, right of way and engineering, but are also used for debt service for GARVEE bonds.