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March 11: State News Roundup

As Connecticut lawmakers evaluate a proposal from Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) to create a transportation fund ‘lockbox’, a governor-appointed panel told the General Assembly’s transportation committee on March 9 that taxpayers are unlikely to support new revenue without...

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MASSACHUSETTS:  2013 This successful legislative campaign with the Massachusetts state legislature resulted in an increase of the gasoline tax in order to generate additional transportation funding.  In July of 2013, Massachusetts legislators overrode a veto from...

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Transportation Funding Ballot Measure Results



Fuel Taxes

Excise tax: Special fuels are all fuels, except gasoline, and includes diesel and liquefied gases (propane, compressed natural gax, liquid natural gas).

  • Diesel: fixed, 24 cents-per-gallon.
  • Liquefied gases: Determined each quarter, a rate of 19.1 percent of the average price, rounded to the nearest 0.1 percent per gallon—generally fluctuating between 16 to 24 cents-per-GGE.

Use: Commonwealth Transportation Fund.

Source: Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Massachusetts State Statute Part I Title IX Chapter 64E Section 4 and Section 13.

*Federal funding percentages are from an ARTBA analysis of FHWA Highway Statistics data, total ten year average 2004-2013 from tables SF-1 and SF-2. The percent is the ratio of federal aid reimbursements to the state and total state capital outlays and is indicative of the importance of the federal aid program to state capital spending for highways and bridges. Does not include local capital spending. Federal highway reimbursements are primarily used for capital outlays, including construction, right of way and engineering, but are also used for debt service for GARVEE bonds.