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January 2016 State Gas Tax Changes

Nine states adjusted their motor fuel taxes Jan. 1, with four increases tied to efforts to providing more funding for transportation infrastructure investment, and five decreases triggered by falling oil prices. Four states—Utah, Nebraska, Maryland and Florida—raised...

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This successful legislative campaign in the Maryland state legislature resulted in the enactment of a transportation gasoline/sales tax package that has been projected to generate $830 million per year for road and public transportation improvements.  This law raised...

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Maryland to Move Forward with Purple Line

By Rich Juliano, senior vice president and managing director of contractors and P3 division, ARTBA Gov. Larry Hogan (R-Maryland) announced June 25 that his administration will proceed with the Purple Line, a 16-mile light rail project connecting Montgomery and Prince...

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Transportation Funding Ballot Measure Results



Fuel Taxes

Excise tax:

  • 24.25 cents-per-gallon for special fuel other than clean-burning fuel or turbine fuel;
  • 23.5 cents-per-GGE.

Use: Transportation fund.

Source: Maryland §9–305 (a)

** Variable-Rate Formula: State gas tax is comprised of two components: an excise tax indexed to CPI that adjusts to inflation, and a 3 percent state sales tax on the average wholesale price of gasoline.

*Federal funding percentages are from an ARTBA analysis of FHWA Highway Statistics data, total ten year average 2004-2013 from tables SF-1 and SF-2. The percent is the ratio of federal aid reimbursements to the state and total state capital outlays and is indicative of the importance of the federal aid program to state capital spending for highways and bridges. Does not include local capital spending. Federal highway reimbursements are primarily used for capital outlays, including construction, right of way and engineering, but are also used for debt service for GARVEE bonds.