April 26: Transportation Funding Roundup


One state calculates the impact of a 2015 transportation funding increase, two states feel the pinch of transportation funding shortfalls, and leaders in three states look to increase the state gasoline tax. *** [...]

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Jan. 28: State News Roundup


Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) proposed an increase in the state motor fuel tax during his Jan. 26 State-of-the-State address. Read More *** A plan to increase the Alaskan state gas tax received [...]

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ALASKA: Bond Measure—Proposition #2 (2012)


This successful ballot initiative campaign in Alaska resulted in voters approving Proposition 2, a measure to issue a general obligation bond to support transportation projects throughout the state of Alaska.  Case Study – [...]

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Current State Gas Tax Rates


State motor fuels excises continue to be the predominate source of state revenue for transportation improvement projects.  Our review shows that as of March 2014, Pennsylvania, which is the latest state to increase [...]

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