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Based on the development of campaign case studies and additional research, the TIAC staff provides here sample:

  • Transportation infrastructure investment campaign advertising and media communications;
  • Opinion and political polling questions and results; and
  • Commissioned economic research projects to help “sell the case.”

You’ll also find background and contact information for many campaign management, polling and advocacy communications organizations with experience in transportation issues and national, state, or local reach, as well as for organized grassroots “Better Roads & Transportation” groups and organizations at the state and local levels. If you would like to contribute information to this section, please contact the TIAC staff.


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Sample Advertising & Media

2016 New Jersey Assembly Bill 12 (motor fuel tax increase) and Question 2 (transportation fund lockbox)


ForwardNJ Ad ‘Big Things’

ForwardNJ Question #2 Press Conference

ForwardNJ Ad “Your Family”

Falling Down

Cross That Bridge

Commercial Advertisement

2015 UTAH HOUSE BILL 362 and PROPOSITION 1 A bill to increase the state gas tax by 5 cents-per-gallon and create a 12 percent tax on the average wholesale price of fuel, to replace the state’s flat gas tax once the price of fuel reaches $2.45 per gallon. Utah HB 362 was signed into law on March 27, 2015.

HB 362 also created Proposition 1 for the Nov. 3, 2015 ballot. Ten of 17 counties approved a ballot measure to increase the local-option sales and use tax by 0.25 percent in order to fund transportation infrastructure maintenance and improvements, including roads, bridges, pedestrian walkways, and transit.


Utah Transportation Coalition – Economy

Prop 1 Helps Utah Prepare for Future Growth

Yes on Prop 1 for Sidewalks, Bike Paths & Trails

Prop 1 Helps Fill a Funding Gap for Local Streets

Vote YES on Prop 1 for Better Air Quality

Prop 1 Supports Utah’s Economy

2015 GEORGIA HOUSE BILL 170: Georgia Transportation Alliance Legislation approved May 4, 2015 to remove the variable-rate motor fuel tax and institute a flat cents-per-gallon increase, which will be indexed, as well as raise various transportation-related fees.

Television Advertisement

Georgia’s Future Depends on New Transportation Funding

2015 MICHIGAN PROPOSAL 1 Michigan residents on May 5 failed to approve a ballot measure that would have resulted in an annual increase of $1.2 billion for highway and bridge investment and $130 million for transit and rail improvements.

Television Advertisement

Safe Roads Yes!: Does
Safe Roads Yes: Vote Yes!
Safe Roads Yes!: School Bus
Vote YES on Proposal 1 – Repair Michigan Roads! (MI Farm Bureau)

2014 MISSOURI:  “YES ON AMENDMENT 7″  Television Advertisement This August 2014 ballot measure was defeated by voters.  The measure proposed raising the state sales tax from 4.25 cents to 5 cents for a period of ten years to fund transportation projects throughout the state. The proposal would have generated a total $5.4 billion in revenue during its duration, with $480 million per year going toward state transportation improvements and $54 million per year going toward local projects. The amendment would have prohibited fuel tax increases and tolls during this time and ensured that generated revenue would be used solely for transportation purposes.

Missouri “Yes on Amendment 7” TV Ad-1

Missouri “Yes on Amendment 7” TV Ad-2

2014 WISCONSIN:  “VOTE YES FOR TRANSPORTATION”   The 2014 Wisconsin ballot measure to constitutionally protect the state’s transportation fund from diversions was overwhelmingly approved by voters on November 4, 2014.

Television Advertisement

Vote Yes for Transportation “The People Speak”

2013 MAINE TRANSPORTATION BOND MEASURE:  “YES ON QUESTION 3”.  In this statewide initiative, 72 percent of voters supported a $100 million transportation bond.   It will finance $76 million for highway improvements, $27 million for bridges, $24 million for ports and rail, and $5 million for local governments. This bond will also leverage an additional $154 million from federal and state funds.

Campaign Brochure/Print Media

Maine “Question 3” Brochure

2013 TEXAS TRANSPORTATION FUNDING BILL:  TEXAS GOOD ROADS/TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION—”TEXAS INFRASTRUCTURE NOW” CAMPAIGN. The Texas legislature approved a measure to redirect $1.2 billion annually in oil and gas revenue from the state’s general Rainy Day Fund to support transportation improvements.  This constitutional amendment must still be approved by Texas voters in 2014.

Campaign Brochures/Print Media

Texas Good Roads Campaign #1

Texas Good Roads Campaign #2

Television Advertisement

The Wake Up Call

2013 VIRGINIA HOUSE BILL 2313:  VIRGINIA TRANSPORTATION CONSTRUCTION ALLIANCE—“LET’S GO VA” CAMPAIGN. Virginia delivered a five-year, $3.4 billion transportation investment bill that, among other changes, replaces the state’s gas tax with a sales tax on motor fuel.

Campaign Brochures/Print Media

Let’s Go Virginia Campaign #1

Let’s Go Virginia Campaign #2

Let’s Go Virginia Campaign #3

Let’s Go Virginia Campaign #4

2013 WASHINGTON:  “KEEP WASHINGTON ROLLING” COALITION. The Washington legislature did not pass legislation that proposed a 10.5 cent-per-gallon gasoline tax—which was estimated to generate approximately $10 billion through 2025— in order to fund transportation projects throughout the state.

Campaign Brochures/Print Media

Keep Washington Rolling Advertisement

Keep Washington Rolling Fact Sheet

Television Advertisement

Support a Transportation Package


Television Advertisement

SC Wakeup

2012 MAINE TRANSPORTATION BOND MEASURE:  “YES ON QUESTION 4 COALITION.” Voters approved Question 4, which will provide approximately $41 million for highway and bridge repairs throughout the state of Maine.  Question 4 passed with 68.9 percent of voters in support of the measure in the November 2012 election.

Campaign Brochures/Print Media
Maine – Keep Maine Moving Coalition- “Yes on #4”

Maine- Keep Maine Moving Coalition #2

2012 ARKANSAS BOND MEASURE (ISSUE #1):  “MOVE ARKANSAS FORWARD” CAMPAIGN.  Voters approved Issue 1, a half-cent sales tax increase to go toward a $1.3 billion bond for a 4-lane state highway network as well as for road improvements.

Campaign Brochures/Print Media
Move Arkansas Forward #1 Q&A Brochure

Move Arkansas Forward Campaign Brochure

Move Arkansas Forward Fact Sheet

Television Advertisements
Move Arkansas Forward TV Ad-1

Move Arkansas Forward TV Ad-2

Move Arkansas Forward TV Ad-3

Move Arkansas Forward TV Ad-4

Move Arkansas Forward TV Ad-5

2012 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA:  “YES ON MEASURE J” — COMMITTEE FOR JOBS & TRAFFIC RELIEF, A COALITION OF CHARITABLE, BUSINESS AND LABOR ORGANIZATIONS. This unsuccessful 2012 ballot measure proposed extending Measure R.  Measure J failed to receive 67 percent of the vote, and as a result, the measure was very narrowly defeated—66.11 percent of voters supported Measure J, while 33.89 percent opposed it.  Measure J was estimated to cost the average Los Angeles County resident roughly $25 annually.

Campaign Brochures/Print Media
Measure J- Jobs

Measure J- LA- What is Measure J

Measure J- Los Angeles –

Measure J- Traffic Relief Now

Measure J- What Leaders Say

Television Advertisement

Yes on Measure J

2012 WYOMING HOUSE BILL 69:  “SAVE WYOMING ROADS” CAMPAIGN—WYOMING CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION. Wyoming enacted a 10-cents-per-gallon motor fuels tax increase to generate $70 million per year.   

Campaign Brochures/Print Media

Save Wyoming Roads

2012 ATLANTA, GEORGIA:  “VOTE YES ON TSPLOST.”  This July 2012 referendum failed in each of the 10 counties of the Atlanta region, though it did pass within the city limits of Atlanta. This referendum included a $7.2 billion transportation package that proposed a 1 percent sales tax over a ten-year period to fund roads and mass transportation.

Television Advertisement

Vote Yes on TSPLOST

2010 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA:  “MOVE HILLSBOROUGH FORWARD” CAMPAIGN. The Hillsborough County Commission passed this transit sales tax with a vote of 5 to 2 on May 13, 2010.  As a result of this vote, the issue was then placed on the November ballot for voters to approve or reject.  This ballot referendum was defeated in the November 2, 2010 election —58 percent of voters opposed this measure, while roughly 42 percent supported its passage.  The two main organizations in support of the ballot referendum were organized by the Tampa Bay Partnership, and the campaign was known as “Tampa Bay on Track” and the second central campaign was called “Moving Hillsborough Forward.”

Television Advertisement

Moving Hillsborough Forward Together

2008 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA:  “YES ON MEASURE R.”  This 2008 ballot measure created a ½ cent County sales tax for a 30-year period to fund transportation projects.

Radio Advertisement

Yes on Measure R Radio #1

Television Advertisements

Yes on Measure R TV Ad #1

Yes on Measure R TV Ad #3

Yes on Measure R TV Ad #5


Sample Polls

Maryland Poll – October 2013

Massachusetts Poll – March 2013

Minnesota Poll – January 2013

Virginia Poll – January 2012

Washington Poll – March 2013

AP-GfK Poll on Transportation Funding- 08/2014

Reason-Rupe Public Opinion Survey August 2014

YouGov Poll on Interstate Tolling, May 2014


Sample Advocacy Research

ARTBA Research

ARTBA Ballot Initiatives Report 2013

ARTBA Ballot Initiatives Report 2012

ARTBA Ballot Initiatives Report 2011

Federal Resources

Congressional Budget Office May 2014 Testimony on HTF and Options for Surface Transportation Project Financing & Funding
JCT Overview of Selected Tax Provisions Relating to the Finance of Surface Transportation Infrastructure