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TIAC staff tracks the latest state and local transportation funding news and provides regular updates on TranspoAdvocates News. To contribute to these efforts, contact Carolyn Kramer.


Free June 24 Webinar Explores Local Funding in State Transportation Investment

Free June 24 Webinar Explores Local Funding in State Transportation Investment

A key factor in crafting state transportation investment legislation is determining how much of the new revenue is dedicated to local projects. State lawmakers must grapple with the diverse needs of urban and rural areas; identify and rank the most critical projects; and gauge the support of voters in their districts.

During a 3 p.m. Eastern, June 24, webinar, three transportation investment experts will share their insights on state legislation that succeeded—or failed—to increase local project funding. It will explore how this factor impacted public perception of the legislation and influenced the state’s overall transportation funding efforts.

The speakers are:

  • Darren Kettle, executive director, Ventura County CA Transportation Commission
  • Paul Gruner, county engineer, Montgomery County OH
  • Mike Clowser, executive director, Contractors Association of West Virginia

The webinar is co-hosted by ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (TIAC) and its Transportation Officials Division. Registration is free, but space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

Based on the premise that shared knowledge and networking are powerful keys to success, ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (TIAC) was created to help private citizens, legislators, organizations and businesses successfully grow transportation investment at the state and local levels through the legislative and ballot initiative processes. As the “go-to” resource for state and local transportation investment, TIAC has supported the development and execution of dozens of state and local campaigns across the U.S. Visit the website,

ARTBA Newsline Podcast: Transportation Investment Advocacy Center Upcoming Events

ARTBA Newsline Podcast: Transportation Investment Advocacy Center Upcoming Events

The ARTBA Newsline podcast for June 14 discusses the June 24 Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (TIAC) free webinar “Lessons Learned: The Importance of Local Funding in State Gas Tax Increases” and the 6th Annual National Workshop for State and Local Transportation Advocates taking place in Washington, D.C. July 17. ARTBA-TIAC Director Carolyn Kramer highlights key sessions from both events.

Listen to the podcast here.

The ARTBA Newsline Podcast is also available on iTunes. Subscribe so you never miss the latest news and interviews.

June 14: State Transportation Funding News Roundup

June 14: State Transportation Funding News Roundup


The Missouri Transportation Department has proposed a five-year, $900 million annual transportation investment plan. Gov. Mike Parson (R) also launched a $50 million “Focus on Bridges” initiative to fix state bridges. Read More>>


Pennsylvania is seeking volunteers for a I-95 Corridor Coalition study project that explores a mileage-based user fee. Such a system would assess drivers based on how many miles they drive, not how much gas they buy. Read More>>


Idaho’s Highway 75 has significant asphalt degradation, but the state legislature continues to resist raising taxes. The Idaho Department of Transportation is without a comprehensive funding plan fix make repairs. Read More>>


The Hawaii Department of Transportation is seeking proposals for a service provider to manage the state’s road usage charge pilot program. The work will include mileage data collection, reporting and customer service. Read More>>


Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) June 11 authorized $200 million in transportation funds to support localities across the state. Since 2015, Baker has awarded $1.14 billion through a program that reimburses towns and cities for approved highway construction and paving projects. Read More>>


State Transportation Investment Trends & Campaign Strategies Focus of July 17 Workshop

State Transportation Investment Trends & Campaign Strategies Focus of July 17 Workshop

Only one month left, limited number of seats available for DC event.

Join advocates passionate about state and local transportation investment at the 6th Annual “National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates” on July 16-17 in Washington, D.C. This one-of-a-kind event will explore funding trends and forecasts, detail campaign strategies, and provide insights from state lawmakers.

Some highlights:

Battleground States: How National Politics Can Impact the Local Vote: Advocates from California and Missouri share tips for successful transportation investment campaigns despite national political polarization.

Expert Roundtable: Pros & Cons of Tolling: Jennifer Aument (Transurban), Vicki Kitchin (Build Indiana Council) and Robert Poole (Reason Foundation) will explore state trends for this revenue option.

EVs and an Evolving World: Speakers from North Carolina and Utah will share their experiences with electric vehicle fees, road usage charges, and vehicle registration fees.

Other sessions include:

  • Identifying & Analyzing Significant State Transportation Funding Trends
  • Road to Reauthorization: Federal Transportation Funding Report
  • 2019 State Gas Tax Increases Roundtable – Keys to Success from Winning Campaigns
  • Building Relationships with Lawmakers: Perspectives from State Transportation Funding Champion Legislators
  • Boosting Ballot Measure Results – Lessons Learned From 2018

The annual in-person meeting of the Transportation Investment Advocates Council is 3-7 p.m. Tuesday, July 16. The meeting is open to anyone interested in learning more about state transportation funding resources.

The Workshop is being held in conjunction with ARTBA’s 31st annual “Public-Private Partnerships in Transportation Conference.”

Register for the Workshop.

More information & hotel reservations. Reserve your room by June 23 to receive the discounted room rate!

View the agenda.

States Continue to Boost Transportation Investment

States Continue to Boost Transportation Investment

Nineteen states approved an estimated $1.8 billion in one-time and recurring revenue for roads and bridges during the first five months of 2019, according to the latest analysis by ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™.

Nine states approved legislation during May, including these highlights:

  • Kansas: $100 annual fee for all-electric vehicles and $50 for electric hybrid or plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.
  • Iowa: Gradually implement new hydrogen, electric, and plug-in hybrid vehicle registration fees.
  • West Virginia: $54 million appropriation to the State Road Fund from a budget surplus, to be used for state highway maintenance funding.
  • Colorado: If approved by voters in November, the measure would permit the state to retain revenues in excess of state limits, with one-third of the funds transferred to the Highway Users Tax Fund.

Several funding trends continue from previous years, including legislation to increase electric vehicle fees. Six states approved such legislation since January, and Wyoming increased its existing fee. Twenty-six states now collect electric vehicle fees for transportation infrastructure investment.

Motor fuel taxes remain a reliable transportation investment method. Three states have approved statewide gas tax increases this year and Illinois is pending the governor’s signature. Virginia approved a regional gas tax and statewide diesel tax increase.

Tolling and road usage charges have also been frequently discussed topics during 2019 legislative sessions.

The market impact of these measures is difficult to project as revenue approved ranges from immediate one-time investment to annual contributions. While these state measures are helpful, they fall short of transportation investment needs, which continue to rely on federal investment.

See ARTBA-TIAC’s full roundup of 2019 transportation funding legislation, including details of 300 bills in 46 states.

Learn more about 2019 transportation investment measures, funding trends, and campaign advice at the 6th Annual “National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates” on July 17 in Washington, D.C.