Election Reports

Election Reports


Analysis Shows Voting for a State Gas Tax Increase Does Not Hurt Reelection Chances

The decision to vote for legislation to increase a state gas tax had little impact on the re-election rates for those elected officials, according to a new analysis by the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (TIAC) of election results for over 2,500 state legislators in 16 states between 2013 and 2016.

The report explores overall reelection rates, reelection rates broken down by party, a look at the 2016 primaries in eight states, and charts with detailed information on each state.


2016 Ballot Initiatives Report

Preliminary November 8 election results show voters in 22 states approved ballot measures that will provide $203 billion
in funding extensions and new revenue for state and local transportation projects.

2016 Ballot Initiatives Report


2015 Ballot Initiatives Report

The Nov. 3 election results show voters in eight states approved 26 of 37 (70 percent) state or local referendums to increase transportation funding, according to an analysis by ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™.  The measures will generate nearly $4 billion in estimated revenue for transportation projects over the coming years.

2015 Ballot Initiatives Report


2014 Ballot Initiatives Report

Voters across the nation again demonstrated they strongly support increased investment in transportation improvements, approving 63 of 94 (67 percent) transportation-related initiatives that were on the November 2014 ballot, according to a report from ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center. The measures will provide nearly $15 billion in additional in revenue for transportation improvement projects.

2014 Ballot Initiatives Report Updated 11/05/2014


2013 Ballot Initiatives Report

Voters across the nation again confirmed the high value they place on transportation infrastructure improvements by approving 86 percent of November 5 ballot measures to increase or extend funding for highways, bridges and transit and electing two transportation advocates for governor. There were 29 ballot initiatives at the state and local level, the largest number in a decade for a year that did not include congressional races or a presidential election.  The total value of the approved measures was nearly $716 million.

2013 Ballot Initiatives Report Updated 11/06/2013


2012 Ballot Initiatives Report

Voters on November 6 showed once again the importance of transportation by approving 68 percent of the measures to increase or extend funding for highways, bridges and transit. This is in line with years past – in 2010 voters approved 61 percent of similar measures, they approved 78 percent in 2008, 77 percent in 2006 and 76 percent in 2004. The total value approved was $2.4 billion.

2012 Ballot Initiatives Report Updated 11/07/2012


2011 Ballot Initiatives Report

By an overwhelming 81% to 19%, voters in Arkansas approved nearly $600 million in bonds to finance expanded transportation improvements in the largest ballot initiative related to the November 8 elections. Eight of the nine measures in four states—Colorado, Michigan, Washington and Arkansas aimed to increase funding specifically for transportation spending. Five of those eight funding measures were approvedwith an average vote of 71 percent.

2011 Ballot Initiatives Report Updated 11/09/2011


2010 Ballot Initiatives Report

Voters approved 61 percent of the ballot measures to increase taxes or fees and authorize bonds for transportation investment.  The total value of approved measures is over $376 million.  Of the 13 ballot initiatives, four were bond issues, eight raised taxes or fees, and one involved a transfer of funds.  The success of transportation ballot measures in 2010 is slightly lower than similar initiatives’ success in the 2006 and 2008 elections, but continues to demonstrat Americans support increased transportation infrastructure investment.

2010 Ballot Initiatives Report Updated 11/03/2010


2008 Ballot Initiatives Report

Voters across the United States approved more than $71 billion in additional transportation funding during the November 4 elections. Twenty-seven of 37 total measures, or 72 percent, were approved. When taking into account only the measures asking voters to approve, extend or increase taxes and bond measures, 24 of the 32 measures, or 75 percent, passed with an average vote of 63 percent.

Ballot Initiatives Report


2006 Ballot Initiatives Report

Voters across the United States determined the outcome of 30 state and local ballot initiatives related to transportation funding during the November 7 elections. The approved measures would provide over $2.1 billion in additional annual funding once enacted.

Ballot Initiatives Report


2004 Ballot Initiatives Report

Most voters asked at the ballot box November 2 whether they would support increasing their tax burden to fund transportation improvements said “yes.” In total, the revenue measures would generate at least $28 billion in new revenue for transportation infrastructure work. This report provides ARTBA analysis of the initiatives, as well as specific information on each vote.

Ballot Initiatives Report