Texas Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

Texas 2016 State, County and Local Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

LocationTypeModeDescriptionAnticipated Revenue GeneratedResultDate% Yes% NoSource
Anderson CountyBondRoadsRequest for a bond to fund construction and maintenance of roads and highways within the county.$20 millionAPPROVED11/863.9336.07Read More
AustinBondTransportationRequest for bond approval: $101 million for Regional Mobility Projects to address congestion and enhance safety; $482 million for Corridor Improvement Projects that implement Corridor Mobility Development Program Report recommendations; and $137 million for Local Mobility Projects (including bike lanes, trails, sidewalks, and street improvements).$720 millionAPPROVED11/859.140.9Read More
Corpus ChristiProperty TaxRoadsProposition No. 3: Request to establish a dedicated fund for use solely on residential street construction, and authorize a property tax of 6 cents per $100 property value for this fund.n/aAPPROVED11/858.9541.05Read More
Corpus ChristiBondRoadsProposition 12: Request for bonds to pay for designing, constructing, renovating, and making permanent street, sidewalk, and drainage, and any related improvements $18,350,000APPROVED11/864.5435.46Read More
Hay CountyBondTransportationProposition 2: Issuance of bonds to pay for a variety of transportation improvements within the county.$131.4 millionAPPROVED11/85941Read More
Hunt CountyBondTransportationMeasure to approve a $24.5 million bond, which would be used to improve local highways, pedestrian infrastructure, and other transportation projects in the area. If approved, property taxes would increase by 1.5 cents per $100 valuation.$24.5 millionPENDING11/864.6835.32Read More
Parker CountyBondTransportationBond issue to fund county transportation projects, including new highways, wider roads, realigned intersections and improved stormwater drainage.$76.2 millionAPPROVED11/858.1741.83Read More