South Carolina Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

South Carolina 2016 State, County and Local Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

LocationTypeModeDescriptionAnticipated Revenue GeneratedResultDate% Yes% NoSource
Beaufort CountySales Tax/ BondTransportation infrastructureLocal Question #1: 1 percent sales tax for four years, with revenue used to obtain a bond.$130,000,000FAILED11/845.6354.37Read More
Charleston CountySales TaxTransportationRequest for a half-cent sales tax increase, which would last 25 years for roads and public transportation.$2.1 billionAPPROVED11/851.6248.38Read More
Horry CountySales TaxRoadsProposal to increase the sales tax by 1 percent for eight years in order to fund the county's Ride 3 program, a construction agenda that includes the repair and maintenance of 15 vital road projects.$592 million totalAPPROVED11/869.1330.87Read More
Orangeburg County Sales TaxCapital projects (including roads)Request for renewal of a 1 percent capital projects sales tax, part of which funds county road maintenance and construction. $72 million totalAPPROVED11/867.8132.19Read More
Williamsburg CountySales TaxInfrastructure projects (including highway and road construction)Measure to increase the local sales tax by 1 percent to pay for capital projects, including highway and bridge work.$14.5 million over 8 yearsAPPROVED11/858.0941.91Read More