Maine Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

Maine 2016 State, County and Local Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

LocationTypeModeDescriptionAnticipated Revenue GeneratedResultDate% Yes% NoSource
StatewideBondTransportationApproved by the legislature on April 15 for the November ballot, the proposed bond would fund highways, bridges, ports, and intermodal facilities.$100 millionAPPROVED11/86139Read More
BoothbayBondRoadsArticle 2: Request for a bond to finance improvements to Route 27 in Boothbay.$1,150,000APPROVED11/85545Read More
BoothbayOtherRoadsArticle 3: Proposal to enter a "Business Partnership Agreement" with the state for $3,300,000 for Route 27 improvements. If approved, the state will pay 30 percent of the costs, PGC5, LLC will pay 35 percent of the costs, with the town responsible for the rest.$2,150,000APPROVED11/85446Read More