Florida Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

Florida 2016 State, County and Local Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

LocationTypeModeDescriptionAnticipated Revenue GeneratedResultDate% Yes% NoSource
Bay CountySales TaxTransportationHalf-cent sales tax to fund backlog of roads and infrastructure maintenance.$12.6 million annually over 10 yearsAPPROVED11/85545Read More
Broward CountySales TaxInfrastructureMeasure to increase the local sales tax by a half cent, in order to fund projects within the county to relieve gridlock, enhance bus and light rail service, and improve traffic light timing. Both sales tax measures must be approved for any increase to the local sales tax.$12.6 billion over 30 years for both measuresFAILED11/83861Read More
Broward CountySales TaxInfrastructureAdditional measure to increase the local sales tax by a half cent in order to fund several capitol improvement projects, including repaving roads. Both sales tax measures must be approved for any increase to the local sales tax.-FAILED11/85148Read More
Indian River CountySales TaxInfrastructureRenewal of a 1 cent sales tax for another 15 years for infrastructure improvements, with 67 percent of the funds planned for road and bridge projects in the next five years.$70 million for roads and bridges over five yearsAPPROVED11/864.3535.65Read More
Lake Worth CityBondRoadsMeasure requesting approval to permit the city to issue general obligation bonds in order to improve local roads and eliminate potholes.$40 millionAPPROVED11/86931Read More
Manatee CountySales TaxInfrastructureQuestion 6: Half-cent sales tax increase for 15 years to fund infrastructure improvements, with 70.7 percent dedicated to transportation projects such as sidewalks, intersection improvements, and major road improvements.$21 million annually for transportationAPPROVED11/85743Read More
Palm Beach CountySales TaxInfrastructurePALM BEACH COUNTY DISTRICT SCHOOLS, CITIES AND COUNTY GOVERNMENT INFRASTRUCTURE 1 CENT SALES SURTAX: Request for a 1 cent sales tax increase, which will partially be used to construct and repair roads, bridges, signals, streetlights and sidewalks.$7.6 million for transportationAPPROVED11/856.5643.44Read More
St. Lucie CountySales TaxInfrastructureRequest to increase the county sales tax by 0.5 percent for a period of 20 years in order to fund road and water infrastructure improvements.$15.5 million in the first yearFAILED11/846.8553.15Read More