Colorado Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

Colorado 2016 State, County and Local Transportation Investment Ballot Measures

LocationTypeModeDescriptionAnticipated Revenue GeneratedResultDate% Yes% NoSource 
EdwardsSales TaxRoadsProposed sales tax increase of 1 percent in order to fund road improvements, with the first $1.5 million used for the intersection of U.S. Highway 6 and Edwards Spur Road.$950,000 per yearAPPROVED5/366.333.69Read More
ArvadaSales TaxRoadsCity of Arvada Ballot Issue 2G: Proposal to increase the local sales tax by a half cent for 10 years to fund street maintenance and improvement projects.$10,700,000 annuallyFAILED11/844.4355.57Read More
Boulder CountyProperty TaxRoadsBallot Question 1A: Property tax increase of 0.785 mills for 15 years in order to fund road and bridge projects within the county, as well as rehabilitation of paved public local access subdivision roads in unincorporated county areas.$5.5 million per yearFAILED11/846.4753.53Read More
Canon CitySales TaxStreetsReferendum 2A: Measure to increase the local sales tax by 1 percent for 10 years to fund street-related infrastructure improvements.$3,500,000 annuallyAPPROVED11/852.647.4Read More
City of Wheat RidgeBondInfrastructureBallot Issue 2E: Request for bonds to fund various infrastructure projects, including street construction.$29 millionAPPROVED11/854.8745.13Read More
DillonSales TaxRoadsReferred Issue 2B: Request to utilize 0.5 percent of the existing local sales tax for road maintenance and construction until Dec. 31, 2033.n/aAPPROVED11/872.7127.29Read More
Glenwood SpringsBondInfrastructureBallot Issue 2I: Request for a bond in order to fund road and bridge construction, as well as a riverwalk and street landscaping.$54 millionFAILED11/832.8266Read More
Grand LakeSales Tax/ BondInfrastructureReferred Issue 2A: Increase of the town sales tax by 1 percent, utilized for a $4.3 million bond. Capital projects include streets, boardwalks, sidewalks, multi-use pathways, streetscapes, signage and drainage.$4.3 millionAPPROVED11/853.9346.07Read More
HaydenBondStreetsReferendum 2A: Proposal for a bond to pay for street improvements and maintenance.4000000FAILED11/831.0268.98Read More
La Plata CountyProperty TaxRoadsBallot Question 1 A: Property tax increase of 2.4 mills for 10 years to fund road and bridge construction and maintenance.$4.5 million in the first yearFAILED11/847.7252.28Read More
Rocky FordSales TaxRoadsBallot Question 2b: Increase of the local sales tax by one percent for the repair of street and sidewalks, to last three years.n/aFAILED11/842.0157.99Read More
SalidaSales TaxRoadsBallot Question 2A: Request to utilize existing sales tax for various purposes, including 32 percent of the existing local sales tax for the Streets Fund.n/aAPPROVED11/856.2443.76Read More
WilliamsburgProperty TaxRoadsIssue 2D: Measure to increase the local property tax from by 1.510 mills for road maintenance, until a time it is removed by voters.$5,308 annuallyFAILED11/841.6458.36Read More